Monday, November 13, 2006

It is tough sometimes to give time to everything. I am out flying my business idea to lots of people and they just love it. I am going to the community centers this week and to assisted livings. I am so excited about this. Kids are well. Austin one both of his soccer games this weekend. Rachel spent the night with her grandparents on Fri. and had a great time. She even watched the "Wizard of OZ" with them. Scarry. Life is good! I am so glad to be in this world and about the blessings that the Creator Of Our Universe provides for me. I found this prayer about teens and if you have a middle schooler or a high schooler say it for them! A Parent's Prayer For Teens Lord , thank you for helping me to be the type of parent you call me to be. Thank you for giving me patience and wisdom so that I may be an honorable guide who lays a strong fonundation for my teen because we cannot control or mold others but we can offer our adolescents the building blocks for a righteous character. Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me the strength and courage to face each morning as a new day, forgetting the the irritations of the day before, and treating each time the sun rises as a fresh start. Thank you, Lord, for reminding me that I was once a teen too, and just as I made some mistakes and had to find my own way so too does my soon-to-be adult child need to carve their own path. God, please remind me daily to pray for my teen; for their health, safety and wise choices. Thank you for helping me dare to trust, not only the decisions of my child, but to trust the life of my child in your capable hands. Thank you God, for reminding me to see the good in my child, and to frequently tell my teen that he or she is loved, even when they may do or say sometheing that may displease me. Thank you Lord, for giving me the wisdom and understanding to know when a problem is too large for me to handle within my own home, and to not fear reaching out for help when help is needed. God, thank you for reminding me daily that although motherhood and fatherhood is a full-time job, my needs are important too. The result of my own personal care is a happier and healthier parent. Thank you God, for offering me the wisdom to see that a good parent sometimes needs to say no and set boundaries, and like wise, a good parent provides their child with wings to soar. Thank you for helping me to understand that just as I may sometimes feel confused, frustrated and worried about my teens behavior, their mixed emotions are often more frightening to them. Our children have been thrust into society that sometimes offers mixed messages, quick ungodly fixes and senseless violence, so please help to remind me that my young adult needs some time to figure out what his or her world is all about. Lastly God, as much as I wish to hold on tight to my child, thank you for always reminding me that You are holding on to me even tighter. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel, and even puberty shall one day pass. This I ask in the name of YOUR Son, Jesus Christ. Amen. Author: Melanie Schurr

Thursday, November 02, 2006 Today is November 2nd and what's on my mind. Well Mom's Birthday. Sent a card and gift, check. The last craft show was a bust. Signed up for another, check. Son has been watching vidieos on a web site called which also has lots of vidieos with nude girls in them. Pulled the plugs on the computor, punished and prayed all night long for the purity of his soul, check. Guess that about covers it for today. Maybe it's me that needs the prayers because I am not sure I am going to make it through this stage and the worst thing is that as soon as I get one through it I get to start all over again with the next and that one is a girl! Yeaks!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

It has been a long time since I have put anything down in here. Well here is why. I am going to sell my beading work for the first time this Sat. at a holiday bizarre. Here is the link; Check it out. I have a lot of jewelry that I have made over the summer and I just want to see what would sell. Also, I am teaching an after school club for Rachel's school with 2o little girls. Think good thoughts for me. That is a lot of little girls. I wanted to limit the class but it broke my heart when I found out that they would need to eliminate 5 girls. So, wish me luck. I love beading and it is taking me into different avenues of how to use them. I am really having fun with all of this!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How long does it take to do a major grocery shopping trip, round trip, put it all away and put away the bags. Well today I timed it $207 and 2 hours later I was finished. I really would rather be doing anything but going to the grocery store. Like beading I have so many new beads and so many new earings and bracelets and necklaces that I am going bead stir crazy. I am thinking about attending one of those craft fairs so I can get rid of a few things and have a little more money for beading some more! How long does it take to work out and take a shower and be done with it! I really do not like to work out. I never have. It is just one of those things you need to do. About a year ago I stopped working out and lost 10lbs. Go figure. Well for what ever reason when I don't work out I am not hungry. But, my blood pressure went up and I generally did not feel good. I would love to be a scronny little thing but my body needs to be healthy. So, I started working out again a few months ago and well so far I am up 5 of those lbs. So what I say. I feel much better and the last time I went to the doctors my bp went back to normal. I would rather be messing with all of my tech. stuff. I used to hate that stuff but recently I have finally been treated for a life long problem called ADHD. Now I love to work with the computer if I have the time. But where is the time? Now it is 1:45 and I have to start my day. Pick up and taxi four kids home, get the next, feed everyone huge snacks because it is soccer nitght and cook for after, do dishes and out the door we go. One to practice, pick up car pool kid, on to game, drop off cpk, pick up practice kid, get home and eat again, do books, songs and finally it is 9 pm and I am just tired. The truth of the matter is I truly am blessed that I can have days like this. I cann't imagine if I worked too. Maybe if I get better organized I can have more time for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's Wed. morning after Tues. Bunko. I always have a headache on this day. I am always running behind on this day. I am always tired on this day. Uhm, I wonder why. If you have never played Bunko you have try it. On the first Tues. of the month the 12 ladies from the neighborhood get together to roll dice, drink wine, eat lots of yummy food. Last night feature was the best Carrot Cake you ever tasted. Then if you win something you get a prestent. I get lots of presents. So, after all that wine and carbs. it makes for a really slow day on the following Wed.

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